Cystoscopy Kit

Designed by urologists for efficient and cost-effective performance of cystoscopy at the bedside or in an exam or procedure room. The kit facilitates set-up and performance of this commonly performed urologic procedure.

What are the advantages of using the Cystoscopy Kit?

Cystoscopy is an extremely important and commonly performed diagnostic procedure for evaluation and treatment of conditions that affect the urethra, prostate and bladder. The majority of urologists perform cystoscopy in their offices. Cystoscopy is also commonly utilized in the inpatient setting or in the emergency department to facilitate placement of a urinary catheter in complicated cases, such as when direct urethral vision is required to pass a wire into the bladder following traumatic catheter placement attempts.

The proper equipment is critical for efficiently performing cystoscopy in a safe, aseptic, and inexpensive manner. The Cystoscopy Kit contains carefully-chosen equipment in a single package that that saves time and reduces costs associated with setting up for the procedure.


The Cystoscopy Kit is comprised of:

Glydo® (lidocaine 2% HCL jelly in a 6 mL single-use pre-filled syringe by Sagent Pharmaceuticals®) for insertion into the urethra to minimize discomfort from the cystoscope.

Prep Tray (10 x 5 x 2”)

Fenestrated and Non-Fenestrated Sterile Drapes. Drape the patient’s pelvic area to create a sterile surgical field and keep the patient dry. The 18 x 26″ drapes are sized to provide ample protection.

Baxter IV Solution Set w/ Duo Spike Vent. Clear tubing with sterile fluid path and spike vent to bring irrigation fluid from hung fluid bag (not included) to the cystoscope.

Povidone-Iodine Swabstick Triple-Pack (2). Quickly apply antiseptic solution to the urethral meatus and surrounding tissues in order to prevent bacterial infection.