Goldstein Black and White Ties

Black and Whites are paired black and white 4-0 silk ties developed for varicocelectomy by Dr. Marc Goldstein, one of the world’s leading authorities in varicocele surgery. The contrasting colors improve the visualization, speed, and safety of venous ligation.

Discussion and demonstration of venous ligation during varicocelectomy using Goldstein Black & Whites.

What are the advantages of using Black and Whites during varicocelectomy?
Varicocelectomy requires precise dissection and ligation of all veins within the pampiniform plexus of the spermatic cord. Conventional surgical methods for venous ligation are difficult due to the small caliber and delicate nature of the internal spermatic veins. Venous ligation with Black and Whites avoids the need for hemostatic clamps. The paired black and white surgical ties are simply passed under the dissected vein and tied down by the surgeon and his assistant. The vein is then divided between the tied down sutures. The color coding avoids confusion about which suture ends to grasp, saving one to two minutes for each vessel that is ligated. The result is simpler, faster, and safer surgery.



The paired black and white 4-0 silk ties have been passed under an internal spermatic vein during microsurgical varicocelectomy







The ends of the black and white sutures are easily distinguishable. The surgeon and assistant grasp the ends of their suture and securely ligate the internal spermatic vein.






The internal spermatic vein is divided between the ties.