Variable Tension Penile Loop for Sexual Incontinence

The UroStop variable tension penile loop for sexual incontinence.

The UroStop variable tension penile loop for sexual incontinence.


For approximately half of radical prostatectomy patients and their partners, sexual incontinence or urine leakage during orgasm is an unexpected side effect and yet another obstacle to overcome after a prostate cancer diagnosis and surgery.  As a little talked about result of radical prostatectomy, many patients feel they are uninformed as to how to manage climacturia.

As one of the most common methods of controlling sexual incontinence, a variable tension penile loop can prevent urine leakage during sex and, as a result, reduce the amount of distress experienced by the patient and his partner.

What is a Variable Tension Penile Loop?

Simply stated, a variable tension penile loop is a soft silicone loop to place around the penis during sexual activity.  The loop is adjustable to both provide the level of pressure needed, and increase the comfort of the wearer.

How Does a Penile Loop Work for Urine Leakage?

When placed around the penis before sexual activity with the correct amount of tension (adjusted by the wearer), a variable tension penile loop compresses the urethra, the pathway through which urine flows, to prevent urine from escaping during sex and orgasm.  As an added benefit of controlling climacturia, men  achieve greater sexual satisfaction and reduced distress.

Purchase a Variable Tension Penile Loop

UroSciences offers UroStop™, the first variable tension penile loop specifically designed for and proven to reduce sexual incontinence and associated stress.  Read more about the UroStop™ variable tension penile loop.





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